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The knowledgeable mediators at Kallemeyn & Kallemeyn will work with you, regardless if you have attorneys, in all areas where there might be disagreements in Coon Rapids divorce cases.

Fast, Flexible, and Confidential.

Court cutbacks mean that judges just don’t have as much time to deal with every case; frequently, people find that they are stalled for months at a time waiting for a court date or for something to ‘happen’ with their case. Parties can often spend tens of thousands of dollars on attorney fees and then just a couple years later fire both attorneys before finally coming up with their own agreement. Mediation allows people to move forward at a pace that works for them.

Mediator’s Role

Although there are a number of different types of mediation, the mediator’s most basic role is to remain neutral; s/he cannot give advice to either party, nor can s/he act as either party’s attorney. However, the mediator can and does allow the parties to share information and encourages a level of trust in the opposing party and the process so that parties are able to come to a solution that is acceptable for both parties.

Your Lawyer’s Role in Mediation

Because mediation is flexible, it is permitted to bring a lawyer to mediation or simply use him or her as an advisor in between sessions. Your attorney is in a good position to counsel you about whether he or she should be on hand during mediation, but keep in mind that the decision to have an attorney present is yours alone to make.

Experience Matters

If you are moving ahead without an attorney in Coon Rapids, you would be well-served to use an experienced mediator with a thorough legal background that allows him/her to address all of the concerns surrounding your specific case; if you have a land dispute, you will want to have a mediator capable of understanding those issues as well as the law. If you have a divorce or custody case, it would do you well to have a mediator who has extensive experience in litigating these matters.

Lisa Specializes in Divorce & Custody Mediation

Conflict, especially in a divorce or a breakup situation, doesn’t have to be inevitable. Exploring mediation as a viable choice means that it’s your desire to come to an agreement that benefits both of you in a confidential, flexible, and cost effective manner. Mediation starts a process which will let both of you continue your lives as whole people, better able to parent together. The Court system assumes that when parties appear, they cannot get along well enough so that they may come to a resolution on their own; the mediation/alternative dispute resolution process assumes that parties can get along.

The last thing you want to do is put your divorce in the hands of a mediator, mediate an agreement, and then come to learn that the Court will not accept it. Instead, you want to be able to come up with your own agreement which meets, as thoroughly as possible, your needs and the needs of your spouse while also keeping the Court’s demands in mind. This ability gives control back to you instead of putting it into the hands of a completely overworked court system.

Your agreement can include all the parts of a divorce, or can concentrate on only financial or child-based concerns. Again, this is your choice. The process of mediation is consistently confidential. Aside from agreements put down in writing, everything said in mediation is kept confidential. Like a psychologist, your mediator cannot be called as a witness for anything that is spoken during mediation. This confidentiality allows couples more leeway to talk about issues, instead of before a judge, and allows them to move past and resolve issues.

Lisa Kallemeyn is a Qualified Neutral under Rule 114 of the Minnesota Rules of Practice and is a member of the Early Neutral Evaluation Panel in Anoka County for Custody/Parenting Time Evaluations and for Financial Evaluations and is one of the most experienced evaluators in the County system. In addition to providing mediation, she also keeps a family law practice. This allows her to stay in touch with the Court system and give mediation clients a realistic notion of what they can anticipate from the Court – whether or not they reach an agreement, and to help them reach an agreement that will be accepted by the Court. Lisa mediates all types of family disputes, including personal property issues.

Charles Specializes in Civil, Construction & Probate Mediation

Civil lawsuits – those dealing with land, inheritance, or services provided, are almost always moved to the end of any Court’s calendar. Typically, a civil matter will not go before a judge for more than two years after the case is initially filed with the Court. This long delay for justice/resolution, together with the high costs of trial, often makes litigation an unrealistic option. It is not unusual for attorney fees, expert witness fees, filing fees, court reporter fees and other related expenses to greatly exceed the amount being disputed.

Along with being a Qualified Neutral under Rule 114 of the Minnesota Rules of Practice, Charles Kallemeyn is also Certified as a Real Property Specialist by the Minnesota State Bar Association. He has practiced law in the real estate and probate areas for more than 18 years; this experience gives him the background necessary to help you resolve any of the following disputes:

  • Contractor disputes
  • Purchase agreements
  • Probate and will contests

Call for fees for these services in Coon Rapids and to discuss your case with Charles or Lisa.

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