Family Law Mediation Ham Lake MN

Our family law mediator serving Ham Lake is Lisa Kallemeyn, who is a Qualified Neutral under Rule 114 of the MN Rules of Practice. She is an accomplished mediator and has worked with many parties from the metro, along with surrounding counties.

Mediation is a neutral and voluntary system, which means we cannot force a party to participate. As evidence that you are taking the initiative to participate in the mediation process with my office, we will need you to fill out my Confidential Information form, which you can download and print here as a PDF form. Please have this filled-out form sent back to our office asap, along with a $25.00 non-refundable administration fee, which can be made via check mailed to our office or by using the PayPal account feature via the button down at the bottom of this webpage.

In the event that the other party does not choose to participate in mediation, we will provide you with a letter indicating that you attempted to mediate through our office.

Agreement to Family Law Mediation Ham Lake

Please also take the opportunity to examine my Agreement to Mediate, which you can download and print here. This document is available for your review so that you can understand what to expect should you choose to participate in mediation through our office. Please be sure to read Paragraph 3 very thoroughly. Ms. Kallemeyn will be available to prepare a written document for both of you to sign to memorialize any settlements that you reach at the session. However, she cannot draw up any Court documents or dissolution paperwork for either party as that is the responsibility of an attorney. Ms. Kallemeyn cannot act as both your mediator and attorney in Ham Lake.

As soon as we have received a completed Confidential Intake Form and non-refundable $25.00 from each party, our paralegal will send you both Lisa Kallemeyn’s availability. We schedule our mediation sessions for three hour blocks, and they will take place in our Coon Rapids office. Our office has two conference rooms should you feel awkward meeting with one another face-to-face.

We always assume that both parties will equally split the fees required unless you come to a written agreement stating otherwise. Lisa Kallemeyn has established an hourly rate at $260.00, and we bill on a flat fee schedule for the full 3-hour session; therefore, the cost is $390.00 per party. No later than seven (7) days before the date of the session, each party will have to come into our office in order to make a $390.00 cash deposit retainer. We will hold these funds until your scheduled session to ensure attendance at the session. This deposit will cover the first three-hour meeting.

Once a date has been established, we will send you each a written confirmation of the session and request certain documents for Lisa Kallemeyn to review before the session. You should not contact Ms. Kallemeyn about particular case issues or with questions about your case; our office must remain neutral and therefore we cannot speak with one of you without the other being present. All talks will occur only during your scheduled mediation session and you should consult with an attorney of your choosing outside of this office regarding any legal questions you may have. Feel free to review my Mediation Tips & Anchors by downloading and printing here.

If you believe that this is a system that you would like to participate in, please mail your completed Confidential Intake form in Adobe Acrobat/PDF to: or you may mail it to our office at:

Kallemeyn Mediation Services
3200 Main Street NW, Suite 370
Coon Rapids, MN 55448

Click below to make your non-refundable administrative fee payment of $25.00 using your PayPal account.

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