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Purpose of a Will

Everyone knows that the main purpose of a Will, of course, is to transfer assets to the designated beneficiaries. It is very important for individuals with blended families or no children to have a Will made up to ensure that their estates will go to the desired beneficiaries.

But a Will has other important purposes, too. Having a Will makes the probate process itself faster and less expensive. A Will may call for an informal probate, instead of a formal probate. The difference is that in a formal probate, the personal representative is mandated to appear in court at least once, and court review can be required for all actions of the personal representative. Also, by designating the personal representative of your choice in the Will, you can ensure that the person you want to carry out your wishes and have control over the estate will be able to do that.

Another important function of a Will is providing for children who are minors. A parent’s wishes are taken very seriously by the Court when appointing a guardian, and if these wishes are stated clearly in the Will, you can virtually ensure that the guardian of your choice will gain custody, although the Court must still approve your choice. A Will also allows for the opportunity to provide for financially for children who are minors or special needs by creating a trust that goes into effect after death.

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