After-Divorce Mediator

Divorce AttorneyIf you’ve already been through a divorce, you know how stressful and taxing it can be, emotionally, physically, and financially. If you worked with a mediator during your divorce – or if you’ve worked with our divorce mediator before – then you know you’re in good hands at Kallemeyn and Kallemeyn. But if this is your first time considering using a divorce mediator after working through your divorce in the courts, then you’re in for a healthy change of pace. With an after-divorce mediator, you’ll be able to work through any post-divorce problems or changes and formulate a new divorce agreement that takes these changes into account – without the hassle or conflict typical of courtroom divorce agreements. If you’re looking for a post-divorce mediator in Coon Rapids, Blaine, Anoka, Andover or Ham Lake, MN look no further; you’ve found us!
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Tenant Eviction Lawyer

Tenant Eviction AttorneyThe nature of the tenant eviction process is that it is extremely fast moving, which means that you need to be able to count on your legal representative to have enough familiarity with the tenant eviction process to meet the requirements associated with such a fast moving process. Additionally, that legal representative must match the ability to keep up with the pace of eviction processes with professional experience and deep knowledge of real estate law. Charles Kallemeyn has a proven track-record in both categories, and has established a wonderful reputation as an outstanding real estate lawyer as a result. Read Full Post

Anoka Attorney adds Overnights to Child Custody Issues

For a long time, child development specialists have disagreed on the role and place for overnights for non-custodial parents for children under the age of 4.  Some have raised true concerns about the ability of a young child to bond when he or she has two homes instead of one.  Now, a soon-to-be released article, tentatively titled: Social Science and Parenting Plans for Young Children: A Consensus Report By Richard A. Warshak University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center   This study appears to assume an absence of studies demonstrating any risks of overnight parenting time but does make a valid point about the ‘vulnerability’ of the father-child relationship if the father is not a significant factor in the child’s life at an early age.   While the latter is an interesting and very good point, I have difficulty with the statement that there are no such studies.  There are a couple of seminal studies, including those done by Jen McIntosh in Australia, that a child’s sense of security is clearly affected and that they behave differently if being bounced from home to home.  Instead of blindly deciding that all three year olds would benefit from an equal overnight parenting time, it may be better to look closely at each child-and at each case and determine how the child reacts to such a situation.   Likewise, instead of blindly assuming that no 12 month old should spend overnights away from home, it will be better to look at the relationship between the parents, the father’s level of commitment, and the child’s overall adjustment to the separation.  There is no one-size-fits-all.  This is...

Protected: Anoka Attorney Promotes ‘Touchy Feely’ Language To Save CoParenting Relationships

Everybody makes mistakes.  Everyone has hurt someone they love (or used to love), whether intentionally or unintentionally.  The dividing line comes with what happens next.   I love the below blog post: //   The idea is to Focus on a Future where nobody has screwed up yet.  The person who can honestly ask and take listen un-defensively to their co-parent’s answers to the following questions has a terrific chance of being a terrific co-parent: At my worst, how bad am I capable of making you feel? If I committed to fixing that, what would be the effect? DO NOT expect the same questions in return.  DO NOT expect the answer to come right away.  But if a parent can put their own feelings if hurt, anger, and loss behind what their children need, the child will also learn to do this.  The child has a great chance of loving and respecting both parents but (knowing that we are all competitive) will eventually see and respect the parent who is working harder.   I often tell my clients that they have successfully raised a child in a blended and/or non-traditional family if the child’s reaction to their other parent’s dysfunction is an affectionate eye-roll.  Think about it....

New Technology in possibly to be used Anoka and Minneapolis Schools may figure in future Custody Cases

School districts in the Minneapolis and Anoka areas are considering purchasing software from that would restore lost, deleted, or damaged photos, texts, etc from an ios or Android device.  While it is being marketed as a ‘restore’ mechanism whereby a school could restore iPad data from a school-owned device if the device is damaged, it is essentially the same type of software used by the FBI and government investigators for searching hard drives for evidence. Very old messages and photos re-appeared when this restore software was used on iPhones, and it is available for Android devices as well.  This means, as we attorneys have long suspected, that all digital activity becomes an imbedded footprint and is never truly “deleted”.   Now this deleted information is available for recovery at a relatively low price. As a family law attorney, I know that this sort of information can be very useful, and I know of cases where one parent has ‘restored’ another parent’s iPhone to find texts that are compromising.  Those texts were then used against the compromised parent in a hearing to establish custody and parenting time.  I mention this to my clients...