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Child Support Attorney

Divorce/Family Law FirmChild support cases can be extremely difficult to make it through on your own, especially when you factor in the emotional and mental challenges of a divorce or separation and the potential damage an ugly court case can cause to a child. At Kallemeyn and Kallemeyn, we have years of experience helping to resolve child support issues in and outside of court, helping create reasonable and legally fair child support agreements. If you are in need of a child support attorney for legal representation in court or to help you settle a child support case before it goes to court, we can provide you with Anoka County child support attorney aid, including in Anoka, Coon Rapids, Blaine, Ham Lake and Andover, Minnesota. Read Full Post

Contested Divorce Andover MN

Family Law Mediation MNIn the state of Minnesota, a divorce is considered contested even if all but one issue is agreed upon. Divorce by nature is filled with differences, difficulties and at times animosity, so it is easy to see how, by this standard, many divorces end up being considered contested. The law firm of Kallemeyn & Kallemeyn has been helping couples in the Andover, MN area navigate the difficult waters of divorce for more than 20 years with much success. In fact, Lisa Kallemeyn has devoted her entire practice to issues of family law in order to help families get through these tough times and come through stronger and ready to heal. Read Full Post