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Child Custody In Minnesota

Child Custody MNHandling a child custody battle in the courtroom can be very tough. From the court’s point of view, they want to make sure that the children’s best interests are in play at all times. A child custody battle is not something you can solve overnight in a courtroom. With Minnesota’s family law being so detailed, the court system evaluates all aspects of both parent’s situation to determine what is best for the child. Read Full Post

Child Support Attorney

Divorce/Family Law FirmChild support cases can be extremely difficult to make it through on your own, especially when you factor in the emotional and mental challenges of a divorce or separation and the potential damage an ugly court case can cause to a child. At Kallemeyn and Kallemeyn, we have years of experience helping to resolve child support issues in and outside of court, helping create reasonable and legally fair child support agreements. If you are in need of a child support attorney for legal representation in court or to help you settle a child support case before it goes to court, we can provide you with Anoka County child support attorney aid, including in Anoka, Coon Rapids, Blaine, Ham Lake and Andover, Minnesota. Read Full Post

How Facebook Can Affect Child Custody

Legal Representation MNFacebook and other social media outlets have changed our culture, how we communicate and get information. No longer do we have to wait to learn about the latest news or entertainment story. We also do not have to wait to see pictures of a family member’s birthday or graduation, even if they lives thousands of miles away. What is the downside of the potential for immediate communication 24/7 and pictures documenting every moment? Read Full Post

Child Custody When Unmarried Couple Splits MN

Child Custody Lawyer MNBreaking up with an individual you have been dating, are engaged to, or married to is never easy. The way entertainment paints the picture of love, you would think that all relationships are happy and full of joy from beginning to end. The truth is, relationships at any level require hard work, commitment, and an open mind to adapting to your partner. Anytime there are children involved, calling it ‘off’ is even more difficult. Now, you are not only affecting your partner, but the children as well. You may wonder, how does child custody work for an unmarried couple?
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