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Divorce Lawyer Anoka County

Divorce Assistance Anoka CountyRelationships come prepackaged to us as fantastical, wondrous, romantic, and everlasting. Every grade school child who begins “dating” someone else in their class is showing signs of buying into the hopeful, if often unrealistic, mythos of everlasting love. Children mimic the behaviors they see in adults, and few are more powerful or capable of imprinting messages… Read Full Post

Choosing A Divorce Path

Choosing a Divorce PathYour marriage has gotten to the turning point, and you feel like there is no other alternative than a divorce. This is a situation that no married couple envisions as they stare at each other up on the altar on their wedding day. Choosing to get a divorce is not as simple as making a quick phone call to get the paperwork going. As a couple, you must decide which path you want to take with your divorce, because once you dive into the nitty gritty of a divorce in court, there is no turning back.
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