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Divorce Options in Minnesota

Making the decision to divorce is difficult and it begins a new phase of your relationship, one in which you must make additional important decisions about the divorce process, before you and your soon to be ex-spouse can move forward. Every divorce is unique and every couple has specific needs, concerns and goals. If you live in the state of Minnesota, you may wonder what your options are for navigating the divorce process. The first thing to note is that Minnesota has a “no fault” divorce law, meaning you… Read Full Post

Divorce Attorney Blaine Minnesota

Divorce Lawyer BlaineRelationships are idealized in media and movies, books and other pop culture, and often seem prefabricated in ways that do not conform to reality. Every kid who begins “dating” someone else in their class is mimicking what they see in the adult world. When kids do this they effectively indicate that the world has imprinted on them the ideals we adults have created about relationships and marriage. Read Full Post