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Minnesota Paternity

Paternity in MNEstablishment of paternity can be necessary for a myriad of reasons. In Minnesota, there are two ways to establish the fatherhood of a child—establishing the biological or legal father can help strengthen the bond that exists between child and parent. Once paternity is established and the resolution process of associated issues has begun, involved parties often seek the certainty of a Recognition of Paternity (ROP). Read Full Post

Paternity Attorney Blaine, MN

Paternity MNPaternity issues are part of family law that relates to the legal rights of the father in a child custody case. Minnesota law uses the term “paternity” to refer to the legal father of the child. Once paternity is established, the father is obligated to provide financial support for the child, and he has the right to ask for custody and/or parenting time. It is important to understand that under Minnesota law, while every child born has a biological father, not every child has a “legal” father. Read Full Post