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Qualified Neutral

Coon Rapids Divorce Attorney and MediatorIf you live in the state of Minnesota and are going through a divorce, you have likely already been made aware that you should first seek an Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) before moving forward with a court case to settle the terms of your divorce. And, if you have done any research on what this process entails, you may have stumbled onto the term “qualified neutral” and wonder what this actually means. A “neutral” is an individual or organization who provides an Alternative Dispute Resolution service. This is very often divorce mediation, which is a highly successful tool to settle common and complex issues in a divorce settlement. Neutrals who are on the State Court Administrator’s Rule 114 Neutral Roster are “qualified neutrals.” This means that the court system sees these professionals as trained and capable of providing these mediation services to those in the MN area. Read Full Post

Child Custody And The Holidays

Child Custody around the HolidaysThe holidays mean very different things to different people and this can depend greatly on your current family dynamic. If you are in the process of a divorce and have children, this may prove to be an extremely stressful holiday season. You may be grieving the loss of your marriage and it may be the first time that your children spend the holidays in separate places, which can be difficult for them and for you. Read Full Post