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Coon Rapids Law Firm

Coon Rapids Law FirmCharles and Lisa Kallemeyn are experts in their areas of practice, and it is because of their expertise that our law firm has built such a positive reputation in the communities we serve. What sets us apart from the vast majority of other local law firms that offer similar law services is that we apply our knowledge of the law with our clients’ best interests in mind. We genuinely care about the clients we serve, and we consider it an honor to combine our expertise in the laws of the state of Minnesota to helping our clients solve real, legal problems. Read Full Post

Law Firm Coon Rapids, MN

Law Firm in Coon Rapids, MN Choosing the law firm that is right for you is an extremely important decision. Too many people believe that as long as a lawyer has a J.D. degree and has passed the bar, that lawyer is competent to handle your case. We believe that our profession deserves to be scrutinized more thoroughly so that you have confidence that your case is thoroughly understood within the context of Minnesota law. Read Full Post

Minnesota Probate Law

Minnesota Probate AttorneyProbate law is one of those things that is a mystery to most people and, fortunately, it is not something that you will have the opportunity to deal with many times in your life. When it does come up and a family member or friend dies unexpectedly, it may be a bit overwhelming to think about gathering the basic information you will need to navigate the process of probate. We have gathered some key pieces of information about how the probate process works to make it a bit easier to understand: Read Full Post

Probate Attorney Minnesota

Minnesota Probate AttorneyWhen a family member dies, the last thing you want to think about are the legal ramifications of their death; in other words, all of the legal transactions that have to take place before you can move on. It would be preferable to be able to move on from a family member’s death without having to think about the allocation of property or the payment of debts, but, unfortunately, these things must be attended to. Read Full Post

Ham Lake Probate Attorney

Probate Attorney Ham Lake The last thing that you want to think about ahead of time is the death of a family member or loved one. That is likely why some estimates indicate that more than 50% of individuals in our country do not have a will. When the time comes and a loved one dies, there are usually many questions about a probate such as whether it is needed, how long it will take, and how much it will cost. Read Full Post