Divorce Mediation Services Child Custody MNGoing through the court system has gotten more and more difficult over the last several years in the Minnesota area.  Budget cuts have led to court cutbacks, meaning there are fewer judges to handle the same number (or more) court cases.  This leads to a backlog of cases and lengthy wait times to have your case heard.  Divorce mediation is an alternative way to settle your divorce that allows you to control the timing and to a greater extent, the outcome of your divorce settlement. Kallemeyn & Kallemeyn of Coon Rapids, MN specializes in divorce mediation and helping families settle such important issues as child custody, division of property and child/spousal support.

The team at Kallemeyn & Kallemeyn can help you navigate all issues of conflict between you and your soon to be ex-spouse.  Deciding to use mediation to settle your divorce means that you are hoping to reach an agreement that works for your entire family and allows you to move forward in a positive and productive way. Mediation is confidential, flexible, cost effective and much faster than a lengthy court battle.

Divorce Mediation Lawyer MN

Lisa Kallemeyn is a Qualified Neutral under Rule 114 of the Minnesota Rules of Practice. As one of the more experienced evaluators in the Coon Rapids, MN area, she can serve as either your mediator or as your family law divorce attorney.  These unique skills gives her a perspective to help you in the way that will work best for you.  As a mediator, she uses her law background and extensive knowledge of the court system to provide detailed and accurate information about what to expect in the process and will ensure that the agreement you submit will be accepted.  As a family lawyer, she relies on her mediation training to help couples find common ground and can even avoid court battles in some cases.

Helping You Move Forward

Divorce is difficult and child custody issues can be among the most emotional and complex of all.  Lisa Kallemeyn understands how hard this transition is on your family and will work to provide you the best possible support – whether it is as a mediator or as your family lawyer.  While she cannot serve both functions in the same case, she can help you determine which path will be best for you and your family.  Call (763) 427-5131 for more information, or to schedule a time to meet with Lisa to discuss the specifics of your case.