Minnesota Law Attorney

MN LawyerThere are times in life that you will need legal guidance to ensure that you are making the right decision and to ensure that you are protected. Whether you need a legal representative in court, or you need a will written, it is important to have a legal practice on your side that you can count on. Partner with Kallemeyn & Kallemeyn Law Firm for all of your legal needs. With over 20 years experience serving as a Minnesota lawyer, our attorneys have seen it all when it comes to legal issues and concerns. Read More →

Costly Minnesota Divorce Mistakes To Avoid

Minnesota Family LawWhen going through a divorce, you have a lot on your mind, and your emotions are running wild. Feelings of anger, sadness, stress, and financial worry can make the divorce process very trying. Important decisions are made during a divorce that can affect your life and the relationship that you have with your children.
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Good People Can Get Manipulated Too

Avoid ManipulationNo matter what type of person you are, at work or on your personal time, people can be manipulated into doing bad things. Yes, even good people! There will be times in life where you are tested by others to do things like cheat, lie, or even take advantage of others. If you do not grab a hold of these situations early, you may find yourself in a difficult environment.
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Think You Don’t Make Enough for a Minnesota Prenup? Think Again!

Minnesota PrenupWhen you hear the term prenup, most people think of wealthy people that have incredibly lavish weddings and make a lot of money. Commonly, you hear about professional athletes, celebrities, doctor’s and other highly paid professionals signing a prenuptial agreement when they get married. Although prenups are popular for the wealthy, they can also be beneficial for couples that do not bring home a lot of money.
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