Child Custody Lawyers MNIf you have children and are preparing to go through a divorce, the chances are good that you are experiencing a high level of stress related to questions about the custody of your children.  The law firm of Kallemeyn & Kallemeyn are child custody lawyers in MN that can help you get answers to your questions and feel better about the eventual outcome of the child custody process.

Putting Your Children First During A Divorce

It is important to understand what the term ‘child custody’ covers, in that it is one of the many legal terms that have many sub-categories and shades of meaning.  The more you understand about the different associated definitions, the better prepared you will be when it comes time to work on resolving those questions for your family.

Legal & Physical Custody Explained:

To have legal custody of your children means that you possess the right to decide how they will be raised.  Legal custody includes such categories as healthcare decisions, religious values, and education-related decisions.  In some circumstances, one parent is granted sole custody of a divorced couple’s children, but legal custody can also extend to both former spouses.  In such cases, it is referred to as ‘joint legal custody,’ which essentially means that you and your former spouse maintain legal custody but apply it separately from each other.

You may also come across the legal phrase ‘physical custody and residence,’ which refers to custody matters pertaining to the care provided to your children in their primary residence.  If you and your former spouse have joint physical custody, that simply means that you and your former spouse have the shared responsibility of caring for your children, and that your children have two separate residences, one with you and one with your former spouse.

Experienced Minnesota Child Custody Lawyers

For all the stress that divorce introduces to the lives of most people who go through it, our society does indicate a strong interest in ensuring that the impact of divorce on children is minimized…  Our specific expertise in child custody issues goes a long way toward helping you and your former spouse feel better about how your child custody issues will be resolved. We have extensive experience in family law and specific knowledge Minnesota divorce law and how those laws can be applied to best effect the well-being of your children.

The well-being of your children is of paramount importance to us, and that will come across clearly when we begin our work together.  We will help you and your spouse develop a parenting plan that reduces the stress of divorce and that helps you feel confident that your children will be able to move into the next phase of their lives with minimal difficulty.

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