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Minnesota is a no-fault divorce state. Who initiates the divorce, and the reasons for it, should have no bearing on how a judge will handle the case. There is a misperception that hiring an attorney means an extended courtroom battle. However, good attorneys do their very best to keep their clients out of court. Divorces can be very complicated, and family law attorneys are hired to help people through the process. An experienced attorney can help guide clients through the process, whether a case appears simple or not. From determining the division of debts and assets, including retirement plans and businesses, to deciding on parenting schedules, a divorce lawyer and a mediator can help the process run more smoothly and can help clients navigate the court systems. If you’ve made the decision to divorce, or if it’s been made for you, contact Lisa Kallemeyn, a family law mediator and lawyer with well over 27 years of experience in Minnesota, at Kallemeyn & Kallemeyn today.

Family Law Attorney MN

Family law attorneys help with more than just divorce cases. They can also help advise grandparents who are denied access to their grandchildren following the dissolution of a marriage. Family law attorneys also routinely handle custody and child support cases, as well as step-parent adoption matters.

Can You Agree on the Terms of Your Own Divorce?

Do-it-yourself-forms are available for download; however, they are lengthy and repetitive and are not designed to address some of the unique issues which can present themselves when long-term marriages, children, business, or high assets are involved.

You and your spouse may be able to agree on many issues before hiring an attorney. Below is a list of issues for discussion. A good family law attorney will explain to their client their rights under the law but once comfortable the client is aware of their rights, will help put agreements into a form most likely to be accepted by the court.

Be sure to use your full names, obtain all account numbers for credit cards and investments.

If Children are Involved:

  1. Legal custody of the children
  2. Physical custody of the children
  3. Parenting Time with the children
  4. A complete Parenting Plan
  5. Child support
  6. Division of medical and dental insurance and uncovered expenses for children
  7. Summer camps, extracurricular activities—costs and timing
  8. College education for children
  9. Income tax exemptions for the children

Division of Debts and Assets:

  1. Division of credit card and other unsecured debt
  2. Division of motor vehicles
  3. Division of recreational vehicles
  4. Division of retirement assets
  5. Division of savings and investments
  6. Division of personal property
  7. How to file income taxes during separation but prior to divorce
  8. What to do with the house and the mortgage

Protecting Yourself:

  1. What to do in the event of bankruptcy
  2. Spousal Abuse, Harassment Orders and Orders for Protection
  3. Life insurance policies to secure child support and spousal maintenance
  4. Spousal maintenance
  5. Spouse’s possible hidden assets
  6. Payment of attorney, appraiser, and/or mediator fees
  7. Continuing health insurance for spouse

Other Considerations:

  1. Name change
  2. Move out date for the person leaving the house
  3. Division of expenses while living
  4. Divorce is not cheap… Even the filing fee has increased by 250% over the past ten years. As of 2009, each party can expect to pay a filing fee of up to $332.00.

Experienced Anoka County Mediator

Lisa Kallemeyn has been working in family law for well over 27 years in Minnesota. She understands the emotions involved with each case and that, more than anything, each case is different due to specific nuances. That’s why she takes the time to listen to your needs and help you through the divorce mediation process.

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