Estate Planning Attorney in MN

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Simple Estate Planning

Simple Estate Planning is often over looked because people believe it will be time consuming and costly. For the majority of our clients who are considering using a Will, a Health Care Directive (Living Will) and a Power of Attorney, this is simply not true. Our fees for the preparation of these documents are $500.00 for an individual, $750.00 for a couple, and these fees apply when no estate tax planning or trusts are necessary.

Prepare a Will

The primary purpose of a Will is to transfer assets upon death to the intended beneficiaries. However, people usually don’t realize that a Will may make the probate process itself easier and less expensive. By specifying that the probate be conducted in an informal manner, and without bond, court appearances are unnecessary. By designating the personal representative of your choice to carry out your wishes, you can ensure the person you believe most capable will have control over the assets of your estate.

Another important function of the will is the nomination of guardians for minor children. A parent’s wishes are extremely important to the Court in appointing a guardian, and if these wishes are known, you can virtually ensure that the guardian of your choice will have custody of your children upon your death.

Health Care Directive Functions

A Health Care Directive (formally called a Living Will) has two main functions: Directing your doctors not to use certain procedures, even though those procedures might extend your life, and appointing a person to make health care decisions if, and only if, you are unable to do so. The use of a Health Care Directive puts you in control of your care and, if you cannot do so, puts a person you trust into that position.

Power of Attorney

The Power of Attorney is a document which provides another person with legal authority to take any action you could have yourself. Usually, people begin thinking of having a Power of Attorney when they are getting older, but a Power of Attorney is a good idea just in case of an accident or unexpected illness. If you become incapacitated and have not signed a Power of Attorney, your loved ones will have to go to Court to appoint a guardian to handle your legal affairs, or even to obtain necessary information from banks, insurance companies and so on.

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