Minneapolis Divorce MediationDivorce mediation is a very effective method of sorting out all of the necessary issues related to a divorce. However, it is sometimes overlooked as divorcing couples rush into fighting it out in court. It is very common for a divorce to stir up many emotions for both parties, making it difficult to agree on the terms of the separation. But, often, if both parties take a step back and get a neutral party to help navigate, sometimes the conflict can be settled without the courts getting involved.

What Is the Function of a Mediator?

Before you decide to head to court to settle the terms of your divorce, consider divorce mediation. Divorce mediation occurs outside of the court system, providing a structured and non-confrontational venue so that both parties can communicate their opinions and priorities in a more neutral way. A mediator’s primary job is be entirely impartial, to listen, and to guide the two parties during discussions in hopes of reaching a mutually beneficial agreement. Their job is not to make any decisions — it is simply to help the parties communicate in a way that allows them to make decisions that are reasonable and beneficial to both parties. One or both parties may elect to still have an attorney during the mediation process for advice, and can make sure that all is in place to meet the Court’s requirements.

When Does Mediation Yield the Most Success?

Mediation can be very difficult for a divorcing couple that has recently decided to split up. This is primarily because it is not uncommon for one of the parties to still be holding on to the relationship, or that emotions are extremely high and finding a way to speak in a neutral fashion is difficult. Mediation is most often effective when both parties have adjusted to the idea that the relationship is ending and there is some collective agreement to find common ground, and not to purposefully hurt each other.

Kallemeyn & Kallemeyn: Divorce Mediation Experts in Minnesota

The team at Kallemeyn & Kallemeyn has extensive experience in supporting clients in Minnesota who are going through the process of divorce mediation. There are many different aspects of a divorce agreement including property, finances, child support, spousal maintenance and custody. If you find yourself with the need of an attorney with experience regarding the process of divorce mediation, give Kallemeyn & Kallemeyn a call at 1-763-427-5131 to get more information on our services and rates.