Does my Child have Inheritance Rights | Minnesota Inheritance Laws Minnesota inheritance laws determine who receives your property after your death. The law can be complex, so partnering with an experienced probate attorney can make the process as straightforward and simple as possible. Kallemeyn & Kallemeyn can help interpret Minnesota inheritance laws for your individual situation and answer the question, does my child have inheritance rights?

Understanding Minnesota Inheritance Law

Children and spouses may have a right to claim an inheritance after the death of a parent. If you have a will, then your wishes can be spelled out and followed by the Minnesota court. In some cases, if your will is written before your children are born, you may not have included them when you outlined how you wanted to divide your property and assets. Minnesota law protects children when this type of unintentional omission occurs. If this omission was made purposefully, then this should be specified in the will so that the court is aware.

If you do not have a will at the time of death, most often, your inheritance will be first controlled by the court in what is called probate, and then most likely will go to your closest family member (spouse, children, etc.). Generally, if a spouse survives the decedent, then the spouse will inherit the entirety of the estate and it is up to him/her to decide how to distribute funds to the children.

The law firm of Kallemeyn & Kallemeyn, PLLC specializes in probate law and can help you and your family with estate planning right now so that, in the unlikely event of your death, your family will be taken care of in the way that you would hope. Our legal team can ensure that your wishes are communicated clearly in your will so that the court will have no problem following it. In addition, if you find yourself in a situation after the loss of a loved one without a will, our team can help represent you and your children so that all inheritance questions are answered.

Importance of Estate Planning in Minnesota

Thinking about death can be difficult for families but preparing for it now can make it much easier and less stressful for your family. If you have questions about inheritance rights for your children or general questions about Minnesota inheritance law, call our team at 763-427-5131 for a free consultation. We can help you with simple estate planning now, so that you and your family can have peace of mind.