Tips from a Family Law Attorney MNWhen seeking out a Minnesota Family Law Attorney it is important to know that the state of Minnesota has a ‘No Fault’ view on divorce. Regardless of vows broken, it is not a crime tho it may hurt. That being said, there may be little to a massive amount of emotions tied to this life changing process and when children are involved the most important aspects of your life come into perspective. There are many paths when it comes to divorce/legal separation but ultimately it comes down to the two individuals and if one or both are interested in the collaborative or contested family law process.

What if We Can Agree to Custody & Parenting Time?

This will mean less time, money, and energy is spent in and on the court system and your divorce specifics. Contact our Minnesota Family Mediation Specialist, Lisa Kallemeyn, to ensure your “Stipulation & Order” is comprehensive and filed with the courts promptly. See will act as a neutral party for both and you may not even need to make an appearance at all.

What if We Can’t Agree to Custody & Parenting Time?

Then it is time to seek out a lawyer to represent you on what matters most to you, also known as, the safety and daily life of your child(ren). Maybe you want joint custody and the other party wants sole or you are the one that wants sole custody? Be sure you present all the facts to the courts with the help of an experienced Minnesota Family Law Attorney. To come to the most beneficial solutions for the child(ren) all the facts need to be present, only then will the Judge get a clear picture of what you want for your children, their life, future and why. The courts will then come to a decision.

Things to Consider when dealing with the MN Family Law Process:

  • Custody for each child in the family can be different.
  • The lawyer you choose can make or break your case.
  • Must live in Minnesota for 6 months prior.
  • If you have questions, get them answered!

There are more Reasons to Seek a Family Lawyer than Divorce or Legal Separation

  • Paternity
  • Domestic Abuse
  • 3rd Party Custody
  • Current Custody Order not being Followed
  • Child and/or Parent getting into Legal Trouble

If one of these is a scenario close to yours contact our Family Law Attorney that has had over 20 years experience.  (763) 427-5131