MN Family and Divorce MediationThe advantages of mediated divorce are becoming better known in our society, and the law firm of Kallemeyn & Kallemeyn in Coon Rapids, MN, are becoming increasingly known for being on the cutting edge of this movement.

The Advantages of Mediated Divorce

Traditional processes associated with divorce, namely those that occur in the court systems of our country, can be enormously stressful, prohibitively expensive, and unlikely to guarantee the kind of results that work for the family members who are most directly affected by the divorce process.  More and more, however, court systems are recognizing the advantages of mediation when divorce is a couple’s determined option.  Mediated divorce places more control in the hands of the divorcing couple and allows them to reach consensus decisions. 

The Impact of Divorce on Families

The law firm of Kallemeyn & Kallemeyn is trained in the art and science of family law mediation, which is a great advantage when you find yourself in the sad and undeniably difficult position of seeking a divorce.  Kallemeyn & Kallemeyn work on the assumption that both members of the divorcing couple want to minimize the pain and difficulty that accompany the divorce process.  This applies to the most basic components of beginning mediated divorce.  When couples seek the help of Kallemeyn & Kallemeyn, an effort at full and clear disclosure of the firm’s intentions is put in place, specifically by means of completing a form indicating the decision of both people to participate in mediated divorce.  If both members of the couple agree to mediation, the process of making permanent separations of finances and other essential components can begin.

Mediation Is Sensitive To Needs Of Children

Kallemeyn & Kallemeyn treat all divorce proceedings respectfully, of course, but are also sensitive to the unique impact of divorce on children.  Mediation, therefore, provides an opportunity for the divorcing couple to focus on the health and well-being of their children.  Understanding divorce from the perspective of one’s children can have the added, and desirable, impact of helping the divorcing couple prioritize aspects of the divorce other than whatever amount of anger or bitterness toward their spouses may be present.

And children, being the most vulnerable of family members affected by divorce, deserve that kind of attention and sensitivity.  Parents who are able to re-prioritize their approach to divorce by adjusting their perceptions in favor of their children’s welfare are more likely to reach resolutions that are based on the greatest degree of fairness to all involved.

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