Family Law Attorny MNThinking about what will happen to your most special keepsakes, assets and other belongings after your death is never an easy thing. In fact, it is easier to simply put off important decisions about your estate. More than 60% of Americans currently are without a will. And, when a family member or loved one dies, there are often many questions about what happens to their assets and how long it takes for them to be distributed. The probate process is the legal process of paying debts and distributing assets that occurs after a person dies. Kallemeyn & Kallemeyn can help demystify the probate process, in addition providing support to you and your family for all other aspects of estate planning including will creation, designation of a power of attorney, creating a living trust and health care directive. Our legal team works closely with residents living in the Anoka County area, including Anoka, Coon Rapids, Blaine, Andover and Ham Lake, MN and has twenty years of experience in probate law and estate planning.

Approximate Cost Of A Probate

As you might expect, the total cost of a probate depends somewhat on how complicated issues are related to the estate. An uncontested and fairly simple probate typically costs approximately $4300 from the beginning to the end of the process. The probate process generally includes the following components:

● Completion of a final personal income tax return and the tax return for the estate;
● Preparation and submission of the income tax return for the estate itself;
● Petition for the appointment of personal representative (executor) including a court appearance if needed;
● Management and payment of claims and bills of the estate. The probate attorney can also assess and determine the validity of any questionable claims;
● Notifying creditors and interested parties;
● Providing notice to Minnesota Department of Health/County to clear any potential medical assistance liens;
● Prepare final account and plan of distribution;
● Petition for the discharge of personal representative;
● Filing fees.

Probate Assistance Anoka County MN

You can expect the probate process to take about 6 months to complete because Minnesota state law requires that 4 months notice be given to any interested parties and/or creditors. Charles Kallemeyn, a partner at Kallemeyn & Kallemeyn specializes in probate law and can help you and your family navigate this process and minimize unnecessary time and money spent. Call Charles directly at (763) 427-5131 for more information.