Equal Rights for All in MNSince the US Supreme Court ruled in favor of marriage equality in the United States the focus is now shifting to other Legal Issues faced by the LGBT community. Many gay rights supporters feared that Marriage Equality would never happen. Members of the LGBT community are still faced with several legal issues that are yet to be addressed. Competent legal representation is needed on issues such as Violence, Health Care, Economics and Workplace Discrimination. At Kallemeyn & Kallemeyn we provide legal services with a focus on Family Law, Probate Services, Estate Planning and Real Estate Law for Minnesota clients of all backgrounds and gender identity.

Legal Issues of the LGBT Community

  1. Violence against members of the LGBT community is proportionally higher than those of the straight community. The problem is highest among people of color based on their sexual orientation of gender identity. Bias against Gay, Lesbian and Transgender individuals accounted for 21% of the hate crimes in 2013.
  1. Healthcare Disparities for people in the LGBT community point to systemic and social discrimination. The transgender community in particular faces discrimination in areas such as denial of insurance coverage and exclusions of transgender related related health care. Access to Mental health issues, hormone therapy and surgery may be difficult for individuals who are gender non-conforming.
  1. Economic Wellbeing is lacking in a large population of the LGBT community. Anti-LGBT sentiments have lead to harmful effects including homelessness, unemployment, health issues and lack of food security. Same sex couples can be twice as likely to live in poverty than straight couples.
  1. Workplace Discrimination has been reported among LGBT adults. A national survey showed that 21% of adults in the overall LGBT community felt that they had been treated unfairly by an employer. Almost 50% of people of color within the community experienced employment discrimination. Among individuals in the transgender population, 90% reported harassment or mistreatment in the workplace. Activities included being fired, denied promotion or failure to be hired.

Licensed Minnesota Attorneys

Kallemeyn & Kallemeyn is a Minnesota Law Firm that provides legal representation in areas including Family Law, Probate Services, Estate Planning and Real Estate Law. Among our services, Our Licensed MN Attorneys handle cases that address Legal Issues for the LGBT Community. Following passage of Marriage Equality Rights the focus now is on issues including Violence, Workplace Discrimination, Economic Wellbeing and Healthcare Disparities.

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