Minnesota Mechanic’s Lien law offers protections for persons who furnish work or materials for work on your property. This law is set up to ensure that a Licensed Contractor or Subcontractor is paid for services and materials rendered. There are procedures that must be followed in order for a Mechanic’s Lien Claim to be valid and enforceable. Kallemeyn & Kallemeyn can provide expert help if you need assistance with filing a lien claim. We understand all of the requirements that must be met when preparing a Mechanic’s Lien Claim Filing in Minneapolis, MN.

Understanding Minnesota Mechanics Lien

Each person or company that provides materials or services for improving a Minneapolis, MN property is entitled to file a Mechanic’s Lien. The contractor, subcontractor or materials supplier may file a claim to take possession of a property if payment has not been received. There are specific requirements that must be met in order for a lien to be enforced.

Requirements Of MN Mechanic’s Lien Claim

A Licensed Minnesota Attorney from Kallemeyn & Kallemeyn can help you with a successful Mechanic’s Lien Claim Filing. We will make sure that you have taken all of the necessary steps to protect your right to payment for services or materials provided. Failure to comply with the requirements could result in you losing the right to file a claim.

  • Contractors that are supposed to be licensed must have a valid Minnesota License in order to file a claim.
  • Notice that a claim may be filed, must be listed in the contract.
  • Pre-lien Notice must identify the contractor or subcontractor and be given to the property owner.
  • Pre-lien Notice must be personally given or sent certified mail.
  • Mechanic’s Lien Statement should be filed against the owner’s property.
  • Accurate Minnesota Mechanic’s Lien Statement must be filed within 120-day period after the last day of work or materials delivery.
  • Mechanics Lien Foreclosure would begin within 1 year.

Mechanic’s Lien Claim Filing

Kallemeyn & Kallemeyn is highly qualified to assist in Mechanic’s Lien Claim Filing. We have years of experience in helping Minneapolis, MN Contractors and Subcontractors to protect their right to payment for services and materials. Our Licensed Minnesota Attorneys can guide you through the process to ensure that all necessary requirements are met. You deserve to be paid for the work that  you do and we are here to help protect your rights.

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