Going through a divorce is oftentimes not an easy thing to deal with, and many times couples seek a professional neutral to help them keep the lines of communication open, keep on track with the subjects at hand and negotiate decisions. Our family law mediator, Lisa Kallemeyn is a qualified neutral under Rule 114 in the state of Minnesota and is here ready to help couples in and around the twin cities.

Family Law Mediator

Mediation is a neutral, voluntary process that both parties need to agree on for it to work. No one can force a party to participate, and if they are not willing to participate in mediation then the divorce will have to go to litigation and the flight will begin. Litigation is often a risky way to settle divorce. This means that the judges and lawyers make the decisions, couples cannot negotiate for what they want, and the case is also open to the public. In mediation couples learn to negotiate, and can make decisions that they choose. Also, if you have children that you will share custody with, mediation can help resolve issues and set up a positive future for both parties and the children.

The length and cost of mediation often depends on the couples willingness to negotiate, what they have already settled and the circumstances of their relationship. If there is children involved, shared businesses, or a lot of property oftentimes this will take more time. Furthermore, if one party is unable to agree then it is difficult or impossible to move forward. The mediator’s goal is to help both parties stay empathetic and understanding so that they can together make decisions.

Coon Rapids Divore Mediation Office

Couples need to complete a Confidential Intake Form and non-refundable $25.00 from party, our paralegal will email you both Lisa Kallemeyn’s availability. We block our mediation sessions for three hours, and they will occur here at our Coon Rapids office. We have two conference rooms in case couples do not want to work together face-to-face and it is easier to work through issues and come to agreements in separate spaces. In most cases, the fees are split equally, unless there is written agreement that there is a different agreement. The first session is usually a 3-hour session, we require that each party pays their share 7 days prior to the meeting to hold a deposit.

If you think Lisa can help benefit you, give us a call today and let us assist you in making your divorce go smoother rather than fighting in the courtroom.