Asset Division When Engaged MNThe division of property after a breakup or divorce is tough no matter when it happens. Both individuals have strong opinions about who should end up with what, and often this is not the same way a court would decide. If a marriage ends, there are some legal guidelines to follow regarding division of assets, but what about when there is an engagement but no marriage? If an engagement is called off before the marriage, the first thought may be who keeps the ring, but if the couple is already living together and sharing expenses and bills, how are all of the other assets distributed?

Who Actually Gets the Ring?

The short answer is that this is actually quite simple. If you break up before you get married, the ring actually belongs to the individual who purchased and gave the ring. And, this premise holds true for property and other assets. Generally speaking, the partner who owns the property remains the owner of the property after an engagement breaks up, even if the other person has provided financial support. This can get more complicated, of course, particularly in long engagements when property is sold and years of financial intermingling is at play. If you feel strongly that the court needs to intervene and help determine exactly how the property will be divided, you may want to first consult a family law attorney for advice.

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