Minnesota Child Custody

MN Child CustodyDivorce is never easy but usually, it is healthier and easier than staying together. When divorcing with a young child or children in the picture, filing the papers does not mean the end, because you and your ex-spouse will need to keep in contact, due to your shared children. In most circumstances, what is best for the child(ren) is both parents maintaining a healthy, parental relationship and communicating with each other when the need arises. This can be much easier typed into a keyboard than done for real, which is why many choose to represent themselves professionally with a Child Custody Lawyer or choose a neutral Qualified Mediator, depending on the circumstances at play. Emotions are heightened, not only because of this major change in your life but also because of the decision to get divorced affects the people closest to you – your children. No matter what situation led to your divorce, ensure you have a voice in establishing a healthy custody schedule by selecting the Minnesota Child Custody Experts of Kallemeyn & Kallemeyn Law Firm.

Child Custody Mediation Approach

Going to the courts is not the only way to go about establishing and/or changing child custody terms. In fact, many orders request or even require mediation prior to any other legal court action. Mediation is a more neutral setting that allows parents to make their own custody schedule if an agreement can be made. Our Minnesota Mediation specialist, Lisa Kallemeyn, will act as a neutral party and discussions will take place when both parties are present. Mediation is a much faster and cost-effective way to get your custody arrangements in place or changed but all parties need to be willing.

Court Ordered Child Custody Approach

Our Minnesota Lawyers can represent you when facing child-custody court ordered appearances or if you wish to have custody changed or establish custody through the courts. This is often necessary when one or both of the parent(s) can not come to an agreement and a decision needs to be made and set in stone.

Two Types of Child Custody

  • Legal Custody – “Legal custody” means the right to determine the child’s upbringing, including education, health care and religious training.
  •  Physical Custody – “Physical custody and residence” means the routine daily care and control and where the child lives.

You can choose to Mediate your Child Custody Arrangement or Take it to Court, however, Kallemeyn & Kallemeyn cannot help you through both avenues, we can help evaluate your personal circumstance and give you a professional opinion on the avenue we think could work best for you. Choose us for your Mediation or Court Case and be sure your voice gets heard when it comes to the custody of your child(ren).  Contact us online or by email lisa@kallemeyn.com or by phone (763) 427-5131.





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