Minnesota Real Estate Law SpecialistWhen you think of property line or boundary disputes, you probably think of two neighbors arguing over the placement of a fence or something similar. These types of property line disputes are common, however, boundary disputes can involve not only homeowners, but also business owners and those in the commercial sector. Disputes can be over many things including access issues (to parking lots, exits, roads,) issues of a business expanding and infringing on another’s property, or even how to access or use common spaces.   Some of these boundary issues come up because the real estate in older deeds was never actually surveyed and markers that separate the property are long gone.

When you have exhausted options for settling property line disputes and decide it is time to seek help professional help with boundary disputes, consider hiring a real estate lawyer. You may also seek counsel because the deed or other markers of the property line may have been moved, or are gone entirely, leaving you unsure how to determine the boundary. Minnesota law states that you have 15 years to take action against a resident or business owner in a boundary dispute.

Trusted Minnesota Real Estate Lawyer

Charles Kallemeyn has been practicing real estate law in the Minneapolis St-Paul area since 1987. He is a Real Estate Property Specialist, as certified by the Minnesota State Bar Association and has the extensive training and experience necessary to help clients solve complex real estate issues, including property line disputes, often before they become major problems. He has experience in the courtroom as well, and has courtroom, motion practice and trial experience.

When you partner with a Real Estate Property Specialist, like Charles Kallemeyn, you can be confident knowing that you will receive the following:

  • Charles Kallemeyn devotes at least 50% of his practice to real estate cases
  • He has passed the Minnesota Bar Association Real Property Certification Exam
  • He attends ongoing Continuing Legal Education Seminars that keep him up to date on Minnesota real estate legal issues.

Property line disputes in Minnesota can be complex and very difficult to sort through. Many times, residents and business owners find that they are unable to solve this disputes on their own. Contact Charles Kallemeyn, of Kallemeyn & Kallemeyn at 1-763-427-5131, f you are looking for strong representation, affordable pricing and a team oriented approach. Our team will devote the time and effort needed to achieve the best possible outcome in your unique case.