Minnesota Real Estate attorneyAre you in need of a Minnesota real estate attorney? With knowledge that knows no bounds, Kallemeyn & Kallemeyn can help you with both residential and commercial properties in the Anoka County, MN area. Whether you are looking for an attorney for land development or seeking help with transaction related real estate, Kallemeyn & Kallemeyn is dedicated to helping you find solutions to difficult problems.

Land Development

Land development is growing to be quite a popular thing in Anoka County, MN. With experience in both residential and commercial properties, we represent both individuals and corporations for a variety of different land development projects. As a Minnesota real estate attorney, we can handle over one hundred lots at a time, if needed. There are many government regulations and both public and political considerations when dealing with land development. We will assist clients through the entire process, from conception of the project to the sales or negotiations of the actual lot(s).

Transaction Related Real Estate

If you’ve ever made a major purchase like a home or property, then you may understand the need for a Minnesota real estate attorney. Signing over thirty different documents can leave you tired, confused, and questioning a lot of decisions that you have made. An experienced real estate lawyer can ensure that any problems that may happen are resolved quickly and efficiently. When dealing with any type of transaction related to real estate, it’s important to have experience on your side!

Residential and Commercial Properties

We represent all types of clients. From tenants, landlords, individuals, and large corporations, having our experienced Minnesota real estate attorney can be a major asset in any big transaction related real estate deal. Charles Kallemeyn, a partner in this firm, has over 17 years of experience as a Minnesota real estate attorney. Focusing on both residential and commercial properties, Charles has a broad range of experience to handle any type of real estate problem that may occur. He has a large amount of experience in the litigation of unlawful detainer and eviction proceedings as well, if a leasing problem were to occur.

So the question isn’t really do you need Kallemeyn & Kallemeyn? It’s actually how soon can we help! Let our professionals take the stress out of transaction related real estate. For the best Minnesota real estate attorney in Anoka County, call Kallemeyn & Kallemeyn today at 763-427-5131 or email Charles directly at Charles@Kallemeyn.com.