Divorced Mediation MNDivorces this day in age are at an all time high. Studies have found that nearly half of first marriages end in a divorce. This far exceeds the amount of divorces that occurred back when legal rights surrounding a divorce were originally developed. In the beginning, a divorce was dealt with extreme anger from both parties and separate parenting beliefs. Typically, one parent was granted full custody by the divorce judge, and the other parent became just an acquaintance to the children. Times have changed, when it comes to the fundamentals of a divorce. Nowadays divorces occur around less intense reasonings. Maybe the couple was too young when they got married, or they just lack that fire that they had when they first dated. Dealing with the court system and ensuring that you are treated fairly is a tough task. That is why partnering with Kallemeyn & Kallemeyn, PLLC, an Experienced and Licensed Minnesota Law Firm should be a high priority if you are going through a divorce.

Ways We Can Improve the Legal System

  • Parenting Agreements – Rather than the judge making the decision on who should have custody or how the children should be raised, divorced parents should be allowed to mediate themselves and come up with decisions themselves that fit both parties needs.
  • Mediation – Robert E. Emery, author of the article “How Divorced Parents Lost Their Rights” did a survey in 2011 on child custody conflicts, and determined that with just 6 hours of mediation, the family dynamic was significantly improved 12 years later. Allowing divorced couples to mediate rather than locking them into legal decisions can become a positive resource, especially for the children involved.

The Legal System and the Interests of Children

Legal systems always want the best interests of the children involved, but are the outdated legal rules set in place still achieving this today? A legal system that encourages divorced parents to work together for the lifetime of a child should be a high priority, instead of focusing on laws that create conflict between parents over the long haul. Nowadays relationships between divorced individuals are often cordial, and it is time for the legal system to grasp that.

The law firm at Kallemeyn & Kallemeyn, PLLC, understands that there are alternatives to going the legal route when dealing with a divorce. If you and your divorced spouse are on good terms and want to sit down and make fair decisions about the best interest of your child, give us a call today! Our staff is eager to assist you, so pick up the phone and call (763) 427-5131.