When is it Time to Hire a Real Estate Attorney?One rule of thumb when you are considering whether or not to hire a real estate attorney is that it is almost always advisable to hire an attorney for real estate matters that require knowledge that lay people do not have.  Real estate transactions can be complicated and making a mistake can cost you financially. For example, in Minnesota, real estate transactions and closing documents must be carefully prepared and collated and a real estate attorney must be present to finalize the closing process.

Successfully Navigate Real Estate Transactions

It is common in Minnesota for both parties involved in a real estate transaction—better known as the buyer and seller—to be present at closing.  Because the financial stakes are almost always high in real estate transactions, the legal team at Kallemeyn & Kallemeyn advises that you should have a real estate attorney present to translate concepts that, when written in legalese, defy easy understanding.  The concepts themselves may not be all that complicated, but because the legal language must be so precise, simple concepts can be difficult to understand.  Kallemeyn & Kallemeyn, however, has the depth of experience and knowledge of legalese to give you the information you need to make informed choices before signing your name to the documents associated with real estate transactions.

While issues related to buying and selling properties make up the largest single category of real estate transactions (and therefore the largest single need for hiring a good real estate attorney), there are other situations that should prompt you to find a real estate attorney you trust.  In Minnesota, there is a concept known as “the inspection contingency,” which essentially means that a seller of a property may move forward with the sale of the property even when aspects of the inspection process have not been met.  If you are involved in such a transaction, and perhaps especially if you are considering purchasing a property with an inspection contingency attached, you should strongly consider hiring a qualified real estate attorney.

Experienced Minnesota Real Estate Attorney

If you have ever been involved in a closing process for a home, you understand how many documents must be signed before the process is complete.  Those documents are symbolic of the complicated nature of residential real estate transactions.  Commercial real estate transactions often involve different issues and can be even more complicated, and most often require the assistance of a qualified real estate attorney to help you.

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