Child Custody MediationWhether you’re a divorcing couple or an unmarried couple who’s separating, debates over child custody can seem endless and daunting. No one wants to consider losing time with their child, but for many couples, the best solution truly is to separate, leaving no choice but to share parenting time. So how can you come to an agreement that’s legally equitable and feels fair to both parties, as well as to your child? Often times, couples feel they need to battle in court to get the most amount of time with their child as possible. This method is neither healthy for the child nor conducive to a good relationship between two parents. Instead, we recommend seeking help from a child custody mediator. At Kallemeyn and Kallemeyn, we’re child custody experts who have been practicing family law for years, helping solve custody issues all over Minnesota, including the Twin Cities and northern suburbs.

How is Child Custody Determined?

There is nothing simple about formulating a child custody agreement. Each agreement goes through careful consideration by a mediator, who takes several factors into account. The law will consider a wide range of things when determining what type of child custody agreement is best for a child, including:

• Relationship between child and each parent
• Amount of time typically spent with each parent
• Treatment of the child by each parent
• Child’s physical address in relationship to their school and other activities
• Financial and emotional support provided by each parent

Though this is not an all-inclusive list, it’s a good start to help you understand how parenting time decisions will likely be made, both in court and by a mediator.

Child Custody Agreement Types

If you’re hoping to secure a specific type of custody, or you’re not sure what types of child custody there are, take a look at this list of custody agreement types to better understand the possible outcomes of custody mediation.

• Legal custody: The right to determine your child’s upbringing. This includes choices relating to education, healthcare, religion, athletics, home address, and more.
• Joint legal custody: Both parents share equal rights and responsibilities included in legal custody.
• Physical custody and residence: One parent determines the daily care of a child, as well as where a child lives.
• Joint physical custody: Both parents determine the residence and care of a child.

Family Law Professional Coon Rapids, MN

At Kallemeyn and Kallemeyn, we’ve spent years helping divorcing and separating parents in Minnesota create legally equitable child custody agreements based on what’s healthiest for a child. If you need help from a mediator to ensure your child see the best outcome from your separation, give our Twin Cities family law professional Lisa a call today at 763-427-5131, or send her an email at