Divorce Mediation Services MNDivorce mediation is a highly effective tool for navigating the difficult waters of a divorce. This method for settling a divorce has become much more popular as a first choice for many divorcing couples when they realize that mediation can take less time, cost less and give more power and control over the outcome to the couple, rather than to the court system. Partnering with an experienced divorce mediator can be critical to the success of the process. Kallemeyn & Kallemeyn is a law firm in Coon Rapids, MN, that specializes in providing divorce mediation services to local couples that are looking to find solutions to areas of conflict that arise during a divorce settlement.

Divorce Mediation Lawyer MN

A divorcing couple can map out the point of discussion they will cover during the mediation process, depending on their unique needs and situation. Very often, divorce mediation centers around one or more of the following areas:

● Division of property, assets, debt or other financial issues
● Determination of child and/or spousal support
● Development of a child custody arrangement
● Creation of a parenting plan which outlines

The role of a mediator is simple – a mediator does not influence the decisions reached in a divorce settlement. You and your partner determine which issues are mediated. You can choose to mediate some issues in a divorce and not others. Mediation is entirely confidential and your mediator cannot be called upon to testify should you end up needing to move your case to the court system.

Divorce Mediator And Divorce Attorney

Lisa Kallemeyn of Kallemeyn & Kallemeyn is a Qualified Neutral under Rule 114 of the Minnesota Rules of Practice and can serve as the divorce mediator during your sessions. In addition, Lisa has background and 20 years of experience in family law so she can also serve as your divorce mediation lawyer if you prefer to hire her for that role. While she cannot perform both functions in one single case, her vast knowledge and experience lends strength to each of these roles. Lisa’s experience as a divorce attorney helps her in her mediation cases because she knows exactly what kind of settlements will be honored by the court. And her divorce mediation experience gives her the ability to help clients that she represents find common ground even when they are going through the courts to settle their divorce.

If you live in the Minnesota area and would like to partner with the team at Kallemeyn & Kallemeyn to help you settle the terms of your divorce so that you can move forward toward your future, call (763) 427-5131.