Mechanic’s Liens Claim Filing in MN

Avoid ManipulationWhen you’ve completed contract or subcontract work on a property that you have not been paid for, it’s important to file a mechanic’s lien claim as soon as possible so that you can receive payment as soon as possible – or at all. If you’re hesitant to file a mechanic’s lien claim, don’t be. It is both your right and your responsibility to keep track of who has and has not paid you for your services so that you aren’t losing money on your work. If you find that you haven’t been paid and require assistance completing and filing a mechanic’s lien claim, Kallemeyn and Kallemeyn can help you along the way, walking you through the process and standing by you in the event of further legal action, including providing you with legal aid in the event of a lawsuit. With any luck, the issue will be resolved long before a lawsuit is necessary, but we want to be sure that when you file a Minnesota mechanic’s lien claim for work in Anoka County or Hennepin County, you have a successful experience from start to finish. Read Full Post

Family Law Mediation in Anoka County

Family Law MNFamily law includes all issues related to a divorce including child custody, the development of parenting plans, child support, division of property (assets and debts) and even other less traditional issues like the rights of grandparents after a marriage has ended and the rights of step-parents in adoption matters. Read Full Post

Divorce Mediation Services MN

Divorce Mediation Services MNDivorce mediation is a highly effective tool for navigating the difficult waters of a divorce. This method for settling a divorce has become much more popular as a first choice for many divorcing couples when they realize that mediation can take less time, cost less and give more power and control over the outcome to the couple, rather than to the court system. Partnering with an experienced divorce mediator can be critical to the success of the process. Kallemeyn & Kallemeyn is a law firm in Coon Rapids, MN, that specializes in providing divorce mediation services to local couples that are looking to find solutions to areas of conflict that arise during a divorce settlement. Read Full Post

Divorce Mediation Lawyer in MN

Divorce Mediation Lawyer in MNWhen you decide to get married and look ahead at your whole new life ahead of you, the LAST thing that you imagine you will have to face down the road is a divorce. Yet, an unsettling number of marriages end in divorce. If you and your spouse end up on the unfortunate road to divorce, it becomes important to be able to shift your focus from looking back, to looking ahead. Settling a divorce amicably can go a long way toward helping you move forward. Partnering with a divorce mediator can help you achieve a more peaceful and less stressful divorce. Kallemeyn & Kallemeyn, located in Coon Rapids, MN, can help you settle your divorce and find your way forward. Read Full Post

Contested Divorce Coon Rapids MN

Contested Divorce Coon Rapids MNUniversal agreement is difficult to find in even the most amicable divorces and we all know that most divorces have more than their share of disagreements, disputes and differences of opinion. A contested divorce in the state of Minnesota is defined as one in which even one major issue is not agreed upon. One single issue. Divorce or family lawyers are generally needed in instances of contested divorces to make sure that an individual’s perspective is put forward to the strongest possible way. Kallemeyn & Kallemeyn of Coon Rapids, MN, has more than two decades of experience in Minnesota family law cases and can help you navigate through even the most complicated divorce. Read Full Post