Divorce Attorney

Divorce MediationThe very nature of divorce is stressful. It is the culmination of a period of time during which you and your spouse have experienced enough difficulty in your marriage and have resolved to take it to its conclusion. This is true, to some extent, even in divorces that are characterized as ‘amicable.’ If you have children, they too will experience the stress initiated by your divorce. The law firm of Kallemeyn & Kallemeyn provides high quality divorce counsel and representation for those in Anoka, Coon Rapids, Andover, Ham Lake, Blaine, and many other communities in Minnesota.

Our legal team offers a full menu of services for couples who are in the process of divorcing. If there is one thing our society has learned about divorce in the last century, it is that divorce is a source of major stress for the people who go through it. Kallemeyn & Kallemeyn, however, can help you work through the various parts of the divorce process with minimal stress and with strategies for dealing with the stress that cannot be avoided. Our team will help you navigate this difficult time.

Lisa Kallemeyn is a family attorney who has focused her entire practice exclusively on family law. With more than twenty years of experience, she understands not only the law, but the stress that accompanies divorce. She will offer an impartial approach to your divorce, which means that you have a built-in incentive to approach your divorce by seeking the best possible outcomes for your entire family. Our team encourages a greater degree of objectivity and fairness in decision making.

Resolve Difficult Aspects of A Divorce

Regardless of how much conflict you are in with your spouse, Kallemeyn & Kallemeyn will help you develop the ability to resolve the issues between you more effectively, especially those that affect children. Here are some of the issues on which Kallemeyn & Kallemeyn can be particularly helpful:

  • Custody issues: If there are questions about who will have custody, or what kind of custody arrangements will be made, Kallemeyn has the experience and knowledge to help.
  • Parenting Time Agreements: Such agreements allow you to find the best possible schedule for allowing your children to spend time with each parent.
  • Division of Property: Married couples tend to co-own property. Kallemeyn & Kallemeyn can help you divide belonging fairly and equitably.
  • Resolution of Debt: Married couples also tend to incur debt together, from mortgages to outstanding credit card balances. Kallemeyn & Kallemeyn have expertise in helping couples resolve these issues fairly.
  • Medical and Dental Questions: Whether they affect just the couple or their children, outstanding questions about medical, dental, and other uncovered health-related expenses need to be thoroughly addressed.

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