For couples who are unmarried and who have decided to separate, there are still many legal concerns that need to be resolved. It is easy to assume not being married makes the process of separating from your partner simpler. In some cases, that may be accurate, but in most cases there are legal issues that prevail and which require knowledge of the law. Couples who decide to separate may have incurred debt together, accumulated property or other sources of wealth. Those and similar issues require legal support in order to ensure that each person emerges from the separation process with a fair and equitable resolution. And, of course, the most important assets to be addressed are the children that come from that relationship. Kallemeyn & Kallemeyn are uniquely qualified to help separating partners and parents understand and get through the complex procedures that are related to separation.

Legal Support For Separating Partners

Kallemeyn & Kallemeyn serves separating partners in many Minnesota communities, including Coon Rapids, Anoka, Blaine, Andover, and Ham Lake. Our firm provides legal support and services for couples whose relationships are coming to an end. This includes divorce, as you would expect, as well as legal help for unmarried couples who have chosen to separate. Our team has the experience and knowledge to help you navigate through the complex world of separating property, assigning responsibility for incurred debts, and determining the best possible solution for custody and visitation rights for your children.

We work on the belief that people who have decided to end their relationships have a better chance of emerging from them whole and healthy when they are able to address the issues that exist between them. And, though children should never be reduced to “issues,” the reality is that the well being of children should be foremost on the minds of people who are separating. You, your ex-partner and your children will have the best possible chance of moving forward in a positive and productive way if you are clear about how best to separate at the time of the process. This shows your children that you can still work together even though your family dynamic has changed.

Experienced Family Law Attorney

It’s important to note that Kallemeyn & Kallemeyn employ multiple methods for helping couples. Lisa Kallemeyn specializes in family and divorce law, which is helpful even for unmarried couples, domestic partners and same sex couples. Equally helpful are the techniques of mediation that can help couples resolve issues between them. Mediation strategies can be enormously helpful when children are impacted by your separation. Call Lisa and her team today at 763-427-5131 for more information about her legal support or mediation services.