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Child Custody Lawyer in Anoka County MN

Child Custody Lawyer in Anoka County MNThere is a lot at stake when it comes to determining a plan for child custody during your divorce proceedings. For many, this is the first time that you have to face the idea that you will be sharing custody of your children and seeing them less than every day. This is an extremely stressful and painful part of the divorce settlement, and perhaps the most important one to both parties. It is critical that you choose a child custody lawyer that can represent you in the strongest possible way. Read Full Post

Minnesota Child Custody

MN Child CustodyDivorce is never easy but usually, it is healthier and easier than staying together. When divorcing with a young child or children in the picture, filing the papers does not mean the end, because you and your ex-spouse will need to keep in contact, due to your shared children. In most circumstances, what is best for the child(ren) is both parents maintaining a healthy, parental relationship and communicating with each other when the need arises. Read Full Post