Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) ServicesIf you and your partner have decided to divorce, you likely have already figured out that you have many decisions ahead – about your family, your finances and your future. However, what you may not realize right away is that you actually have many choices about the process of divorce. Going through the court system is one way to proceed, but it is important to understand ALL of your options. Mediation can be an excellent and highly effective way to settle important aspects of your divorce, saving you time, money and, very often, reducing overall conflict. A Qualified Neutral can help you and your soon to be ex-spouse navigate the complex divorce mediation process and find your best path forward.

Alternative Dispute Resolution

In the divorce mediation world, a “neutral” is an individual who offers what is known as Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) services to those going through a divorce. ADR is an alternative to traditional litigation and in many cases this comes in the form of divorce mediation. A Qualified Neutral is someone who is endorsed by the court as a trained and experienced professional in this area. In many states, the courts actually encourage (and sometimes mandate) couples to attempt mediation before proceeding through the court system. Mediation is always entirely voluntary – both parties must agree to participate, but it is often encouraged and can be extremely beneficial for a couple, both financially and emotionally. Mediation allows you and your divorcing partner to have control over the decisions made in your divorce, and focus on what is important to you and your family. A Qualified Neutral can lay out your choices in a clear and concise way and facilitate productive discussion about division of property, child custody issues and the possibility of child and/or spousal support.

 Qualified Neutral Under Rule 114

Lisa Kallemeyn, from Kallemeyn & Kallemeyn has focused her entire legal career on family law and is also a Qualified Neutral under Rule 114 of the Minnesota Rules of Practice. She has more than two decades of experience providing couples with strong and highly professional mediation services. Lisa understands how complex and painful divorce can be and is committed to helping couples and families move forward in healthy way. For more information about the role of a Qualified Neutral or how Lisa can support you during your divorce, call our team at Kallemeyn & Kallemeyn at (763) 427-5131.