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LGBT-friendly Law Firm Coon Rapids, MN

Equal Rights for All in MNWhen we have more distance from the time we currently live in, we will likely wonder why our society was ever anything other than LGBT-friendly. We have made strides in the right direction, but based on what we see on the news and internet, we still have a way to go. The progress we are making, though, is not due solely to the high-profile activists. Those efforts are supported by perhaps millions of people who do not receive public credit. And one strong example of advocacy is the law firm of Kallemeyn & Kallemeyn of Coon Rapids, MN. Read Full Post

LGBT Legal Focus

Equal Rights for All in MNSince the US Supreme Court ruled in favor of marriage equality in the United States the focus is now shifting to other Legal Issues faced by the LGBT community. Many gay rights supporters feared that Marriage Equality would never happen. Members of the LGBT community are still faced with several legal issues that are yet to be addressed. Competent legal representation is needed on issues such as Violence, Health Care, Economics and Workplace Discrimination. Read Full Post