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How do Mechanics Liens Work in Minnesota

Minnesota Mechanics Lien Attorney Anoka CountyAs a subcontractor or general contractor, there’s more to your job than being good at what you do every day. Like it or not, there’s always paperwork, and some of the most tedious paperwork is involved in filing mechanic’s liens. These documents are crucial to ensuring you’re paid in certain circumstances, and you must make sure they’re filed correctly the first time around. If not, you may not be able to collect your payment on time. In extreme circumstances, incorrectly filed mechanic’s liens can also lead to lengthy lawsuits. This will not only keep you from collecting your money but also force you to spend time and possibly more money in the process. At Kallemeyn and Kallemeyn, we can help if you’re looking for help with mechanic’s liens claim filing in MN. Read Full Post

MN Mechanics Liens Claim Filing

//kallemeyn.com/legal-practice-areas/real-estate-lawyers-anoka-county/mechanics-liens-lawyer-anoka/Minnesota’s Mechanics Lien law protects contractors and subcontractors and even the property owners from payment issues that sometimes arise over how and whether contract work is paid and to whom. Specifically, the law protects a contractor or subcontractor from not being paid and protects a property owner from paying a contractor only to later learn that the contractor did not then pay their subcontractor. This law essentially puts a lien on the piece of property that was worked on until the appropriate payments are made. Charles Kallemeyn of Kallemeyn & Kallemeyn focuses more than ½ of his practice on real estate law in the Coon Rapids, Blaine and Anoka, MN area. He has extensive experience with the mechanics lien statute and can help you navigate related issues whether you are a contractor, subcontractor or a property owner. Read Full Post

Mechanic’s Liens Claim Filing in MN

Avoid ManipulationWhen you’ve completed contract or subcontract work on a property that you have not been paid for, it’s important to file a mechanic’s lien claim as soon as possible so that you can receive payment as soon as possible – or at all. If you’re hesitant to file a mechanic’s lien claim, don’t be. It is both your right and your responsibility to keep track of who has and has not paid you for your services so that you aren’t losing money on your work. If you find that you haven’t been paid and require assistance completing and filing a mechanic’s lien claim, Kallemeyn and Kallemeyn can help you along the way, walking you through the process and standing by you in the event of further legal action, including providing you with legal aid in the event of a lawsuit. With any luck, the issue will be resolved long before a lawsuit is necessary, but we want to be sure that when you file a Minnesota mechanic’s lien claim for work in Anoka County or Hennepin County, you have a successful experience from start to finish. Read Full Post