Child Custody Rights in MN

Divorce/Family Law Firm When a couple that has children decides to get a divorce, one of the biggest sources of stress is how to determine a child custody arrangement that works for all involved. The court system is always going to look at what is best for the children in the family and will work to find a solution that gives the children the best chance at a healthy, stable and positive environment. A family lawyer and/or a divorce mediator can help families explore child custody options that might work best for their unique situation. Kallemeyn & Kallemeyn specializes in family law and has helped many families in the Coon Rapids, MN area find common ground and the best path forward for families struggling to navigate a divorce. Read Full Post

Minnesota Divorce Lawyer

Divorce Lawyer MinnesotaDivorce is among the biggest stressors of modern life. There are very good reasons that divorce appears on the Greatest Stresses of Life lists that include loss of job and death of loved ones. Divorce is always difficult, and not solely when there is great contention between the divorcing parties. Divorce is stressful when the finality of legal separation is amicable. Read Full Post

The Lost Rights of Divorced Parents

Divorced Mediation MNDivorces this day in age are at an all time high. Studies have found that nearly half of first marriages end in a divorce. This far exceeds the amount of divorces that occurred back when legal rights surrounding a divorce were originally developed. In the beginning, a divorce was dealt with extreme anger from both parties and separate parenting beliefs. Typically, one parent was granted full custody and the other parent became just an acquaintance to the children. Times have changed…
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New Technology in possibly to be used Anoka and Minneapolis Schools may figure in future Custody Cases

School districts in the Minneapolis and Anoka areas are considering purchasing software from that would restore lost, deleted, or damaged photos, texts, etc from an ios or Android device.  While it is being marketed as a ‘restore’ mechanism whereby a school could restore iPad data from a school-owned device if the device is damaged, it is essentially the same type of software used by the FBI and government investigators for searching hard drives for evidence. Very old messages and photos re-appeared when this restore software was used on iPhones, and it is available for Android devices as well.  This means, as we attorneys have long suspected, that all digital activity becomes an imbedded footprint and is never truly “deleted”.   Now this deleted information is available for recovery at a relatively low price. As a family law attorney, I know that this sort of information can be very useful, and I know of cases where one parent has ‘restored’ another parent’s iPhone to find texts that are compromising.  Those texts were then used against the compromised parent in a hearing to establish custody and parenting time.  I mention this to my clients...

Anoka Family Law Attorneys and Cost/Risk Calculations

There is an excellent series of articles about risk that begin at this Blog: // This is a lengthy, intelligent discourse on risk management spread over a series of blogs.  Good divorce attorneys have been using their own version of this for years. For example, a client comes in because his spouse has left him and two children.  He tells me that his spouse refuses to pay any support until a Court orders her to do so.  I start the below questions: How long has she been gone? It is good to look at when the separation occurred.  Did she leave last night, last week, last month, or last year? Has she paid any bills? Many times, a spouse will leave but will still make various household payments, such as mortgage, school tuition, utilities, etc.  The challenge is balancing what she is paying/the chances of these payments continuing , and the amount of support my client can expect to receive, if he prevails at a temporary hearing. What are your incomes? I calculate the amount of child support and projected maintenance against what is being paid   What is your rent/mortgage? Reality check for client—will he be able to afford the home even receiving support?  If not, we have a discussion about selling the house OR Is there equity in the house? If there is no equity in the house, the pros and cons of continuing to make a mortgage payment. Is there money you can borrow to make it for 3-6 months? I tell him the projected amount of fees for a temporary hearing versus filing and getting...