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Probate Attorney, MN

charles-kallemeyn law firm MNWhen a person passes away, the family is left with the cumbersome task of settling the estate of the deceased. Essentially, probate and estate administration is used to formally transfer the real property, distribute assets of the decedent and settle all claims against the estate. If you were selected as the personal representative for a loved one’s estate, we can guide you through every step. In Minnesota, probate occurs when a resident of the state passes away while owning a property at that time. Formal probate is not always necessary after a person passes away in Minnesota. The probate process is required when survivor-ship rights have not been created, when real property is titled in an individual’s own name or when real estate is held as a tenant in common with another. Minnesota law generally requires probate for an estate greater than $50,000. If that person has real estate in other states, those properties are subject to the probate laws in that state. It is also important to remember that just because someone has a will, this does not necessarily avoid the probate process. Read Full Post

Divorce Lawyer Anoka County

Divorce Assistance Anoka CountyRelationships come prepackaged to us as fantastical, wondrous, romantic, and everlasting. Every grade school child who begins “dating” someone else in their class is showing signs of buying into the hopeful, if often unrealistic, mythos of everlasting love. Children mimic the behaviors they see in adults, and few are more powerful or capable of imprinting messages… Read Full Post

Divorce Is Fun: Said No One EVER

Non Realistic Divorce PartyIt’s not a real dinner party unless someone gets divorced! I bet you’ve never heard that saying before! Why not? Because unlike announcing an engagement or pregnancy, divorce is still looked down upon in most social environments. While there might be someone outh there having an exciting divorce party, the majority of us are truly hurting and have a whole roller coaster of emotions during a divorce. No matter how you are feeling about your divorce… Read Full Post

Find Silver Linings After Divorce

Divorce Lawyer MNAs an experienced Divorce Attorney in Minnesota, Lisa Kallemeyn can provide assistance to help you Find Silver Linings After Divorce. Our services include Divorce Mediation for Minnesota couples that want to reduce the emotional and financial strain of traditional divorce litigation in a courtroom. We provide Minnesota Divorce Help and resources for families either with or without children. Read Full Post