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Probate Attorney MN

Minnesota Estate PlanningWhen a loved one dies, you and your family members have many emotions to process and many logical issues to manage.  Whether the death was sudden or after a prolonged illness, it can be an extremely overwhelming time.  Legal questions often arise very quickly about the individual’s estate and whether a probate is necessary.  Partnering with a probate attorney can be extremely helpful during this difficult time. If you live in the Minnesota area, turn to the team at Kallemeyn & Kallemeyn for assistance with all aspects of probate law and estate management.  With more than 20 years handling probate matters, Charles Kallemeyn can simplify the process and guide you and your family through the probate. Read Full Post

Wright County Probate Lawyer

Minnesota Probate AttorneyProbate law is widely thought of as complicated and the issues are easy to ignore until the death of a loved one. Probate is a legal process where a deceased person’s will is “proved” in court and the court deems it a valid public document. The probate also appoints the executor or personal representative of the will, or the person that can enforce the terms of the document. Read Full Post

Carver County Probate Lawyer

Carver County Probate LawyerWhen a loved one dies, there is a flood of emotions as well as the realization that many things need to be done to distribute any assets left behind. If the family member left a will with specific instructions on how he/she wanted assets transferred and there is enough in the estate to cover all debts, then a probate may not be needed. However, in many cases, there are questions, concerns or issues that prompts the family to seek legal advice. Read Full Post