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Divorce Attorney For Couples Who Want To Dissolve Their Marriage Amicably

Divorce Attorney For Couples | MN Family and Divorce LawyerWhere do you turn when your marriage is coming to an end? You do not have to navigate the marriage emotionally trying dissolution process on your own. There are numerous factors to consider when the marital situation involves children, property, assets, a business or debt. These and other important issues must be handled carefully in order to protect the physical and financial security of each spouse and child. Kallemeyn & Kallemeyn provides excellent representation on behalf of divorcing couples. Read Full Post

Behind on Child Support in Minnesota?

Child Support Deliquency MNIf you have plans to travel out of the country for spring break or take a European vacation any time soon you will want to make sure that you do not Fall Behind on Child Support in Minnesota. Your MN driver’s licenses and other licenses will be affected also. This is according to MN stat section //518A.65, .66 and .67. Besides your Minnesota licenses, Federal Law prohibits the issuance of U.S. Passports for any child support payments that are delinquent. You can avoid problems such as these by…
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Child Custody When Unmarried Couple Splits MN

Child Custody Lawyer MNBreaking up with an individual you have been dating, are engaged to, or married to is never easy. The way entertainment paints the picture of love, you would think that all relationships are happy and full of joy from beginning to end. The truth is, relationships at any level require hard work, commitment, and an open mind to adapting to your partner. Anytime there are children involved, calling it ‘off’ is even more difficult. Now, you are not only affecting your partner, but the children as well. You may wonder, how does child custody work for an unmarried couple?
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