Matrimonial Law in Minnesota

Lisa Kallemeyn MN LawyerDo you know what matrimonial law consists of? It is basically another term for Family Law. Matrimonial Law has to deal with Marriage, Assets acquired during the union and settlement. Lisa Kallemeyn, of Kallemeyn & Kallemeyn Law Firm in Minnesota, is a highly experienced Matrimonial Lawyer and is a member of the AAML Nation (American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers). Located in Coon Rapids, MN Lisa is available to discuss your legal needs in regards to divorce, child custody, parenting time, child support, paternity, adoption and much more. Read Full Post

Family Law Attorney MN

Family Law Attorney MinnesotaSearching for a Family Law Attorney can be intimidating. But when it is all said and done, what you look back on will not be the money, items and gifts you’ve received throughout your life… It will be the family, memories and the feelings you’ve had and shared. Finalizing a divorce can seem to be the end but in all reality, it is a new beginning. Don’t give up on your life just yet, there is more beauty for you to enjoy when you lift yourself out of the depths. One thing that can almost guarantee more beauty in your future is having your children in it. Read Full Post

Anoka Attorney Discusses Name Change Laws and Cases

Any adult can apply to their district court for a name change, for themselves and for their minor children, at any time so long as they have resided in Minnesota for longer than 180 days.  This is covered under Minnesota Statute Section 259.  In addition, and as part of a dissolution of marriage proceeding, either spouse may request a change of his or her own name.  The advantage to this latter method is that the name change does not require an additional filing fee.  The disadvantage is that name changes pursuant to dissolutions are not extended to the minor children, and under 259.10, no minor child’s name may be changed without both parents having notice of the pending of the application for change of name. The court shall grant a request unless it finds that there is an intent to defraud or mislead, unless the name change is subject to section 259.13 (if someone has been convicted of certain criminal offenses), in which case the requirements of that section apply. The court shall notify the parties that use of a different surname after dissolution or legal separation without complying with section 259.13, if applicable, is a gross misdemeanor. I have seen many nuances to name changes in my years in Anoka County.  A few folks have opted to remove their last name completely and a few men have demanded that their soon-to-be ex-wife ‘give him his name back’.  The Court will grant permission for any reasonable name change, but in the latter case, I always let them know that under the divorce statute, the ‘requesting party’ can only have...