Family Law Attorney Andover MN

Family Law Attorney AndoverMatters of the heart hit close to home. As one chapter is ending another will come soon to follow. But before you can reap the benefits of these rewards, you first must complete this chapter, and I mean fully. Sometimes this means divorce, break-up, letting go, and tying up those very important loose ends, your children. Love makes relationships. Love makes babies. We all love our baby’s! Ensure that they can still have the stability of both mom and dad… Read Full Post

Contested vs. Uncontested Divorce Coon Rapids MN

Divorce Lawyer Coon RapidsDivorce is inherently a process steeped in conflict, as it is rare (if not impossible) for two people to agree to every single element in a divorce, especially when there are so many high stakes issues at play. Some of the most difficult issues to settle include the division of marital property and debt, child custody, and child support payments. Each couple handles this discord differently and, as a result, divorces can look very different, depending on the level of conflict. Read Full Post