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Separating with Children | Minnesota Family Law Attorney

Separating with Children MN Family Law AttorneyWhen you and another person create, adopt or take responsibility for a human life, other than your own, the choice to separate becomes more complex. Even if you never actually said ‘I Do’ and got married and you are just moving out of a past partner’s home, divorce is not the only legal issue that may need to be confronted when separating the unity of two parental figures. Read Full Post

Family Law Mediation in Anoka County

Family Law MNFamily law includes all issues related to a divorce including child custody, the development of parenting plans, child support, division of property (assets and debts) and even other less traditional issues like the rights of grandparents after a marriage has ended and the rights of step-parents in adoption matters. Read Full Post

Family Law Mediation Service Andover MN

Mediation ServicesThe law firm of Kallemeyn & Kallemeyn, with an office in Andover, Minnesota, offers mediation for couples and families who are experiencing divorce and/or other issues that may be improved by mediation. More and more, courts are recommending that divorcing couples employ mediation. Kallemeyn & Kallemeyn offer mediation and in Andover, the law firm’s Qualified Neutral (an earned status under Rule 114 of Minnesota’s rules of practice) is Lisa Kallemeyn. Read Full Post

Divorce Mediation Lawyer Minneapolis MN

If you are facing divorce proceedings you may not realize the significance of working with a divorce mediation attorney. As a trained Minnesota Mediation Lawyer – Lisa Kalleymeyn can help with Family Mediation. The role of the mediator is to remain neutral. The mediation process can help you to avoid the length and expense of litigation.Read Full Post