Real Estate Attorney Anoka County

Real Estate Lawyer MNDo you understand all of the complicated Minnesota Real Estate and Property Laws? Entering into a long-term legal contract such a home mortgage or commercial lease agreement without competent legal advice can be risky business. A local, experienced Real Estate Attorney can help you to navigate the legal terms like a pro. Read Full Post

Real Estate Lawyer

Minnesota Real Estate Law SpecialistOwning real estate has its ups and downs. While owning property can be a great investment, it can also cause stress and headaches. From the purchase of a home to the selling of a residence, there is a lot of legal documentation to sign off on that may be over your head. Instead of blindly signing on the dotted line, team up with a real estate lawyer that truly knows the language and the laws.
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Real Estate Attorney Blaine MN

Blaine real estate attorney Closing on a house is kind of a big deal. If you are on your way, first off, Congratulations! Owning your own home comes with its many perks and responsibilities. Start your investment out on the right foot with a help from a qualified real estate attorney to proof-read your closing papers and help you quickly and accurately add to, change, and take proper action if issues arise right before closing. Read Full Post

Real Estate Attorney Andover MN

Real Estate Attorney Andover MNReal estate transactions are by nature complex and require extensive paperwork, with even simple property sales requiring more than thirty signatures.  It is important to get the legal advice and guidance you need to ensure that all documents are prepared and completed correctly so that the transaction can be completed without delay.  Charles Kallemeyn of Kallemeyn & Kallemeyn is a real estate lawyer serving the Andover, MN area devoting more than half of his entire practice to real estate law.  He can help you with a wide variety of issues related to real estate law and provides sound and honest legal advice so that you can move forward with your real estate transaction well informed and represented. Read Full Post