Qualified Neutral

Coon Rapids Divorce Attorney and MediatorIf you live in the state of Minnesota and are going through a divorce, you have likely already been made aware that you should first seek an Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) before moving forward with a court case to settle the terms of your divorce. And, if you have done any research on what this process entails, you may have stumbled onto the term “qualified neutral” and wonder what this actually means. A “neutral” is an individual or organization who provides an Alternative Dispute Resolution service. This is very often divorce mediation, which is a highly successful tool to settle common and complex issues in a divorce settlement. Neutrals who are on the State Court Administrator’s Rule 114 Neutral Roster are “qualified neutrals.” This means that the court system sees these professionals as trained and capable of providing these mediation services to those in the MN area. Read Full Post

Divorce Mediation Child Custody Minnesota

Divorce Lawyer BlaineChild custody issues are often the most difficult, painful and contentious part of a divorce settlement. After living for a long period of time as a family unit prior to divorce, it is almost unimaginable to think about how you will go from seeing your child each day to splitting custody with your divorcing spouse. Determining child custody is an extremely emotional process that can be settled in one of two primary ways – through the court system or through divorce mediation. Both offer a viable path forward for a couple navigating divorce. Kallemeyn & Kallemeyn of Coon Rapids, MN can help you determine the path forward that will best meet your needs and your budget so that you can begin moving forward and begin a new phase of your life. Read Full Post

Divorce Mediation MN

Divorce Mediation MNOnce you and your spouse have decided to end your marriage, you must turn your attention to settling important issues like child/spousal support, division of property, debts and assets and child custody. Traditionally, most divorces have been settled using the court system, which renders rulings based on testimony and information provided to the court. Over time, however, budget cuts have caused the court system to become bogged down, and settling a divorce through the courts can take months, if not longer. Divorce mediation has become an effective alternative for solving the outstanding issues between you and your divorcing spouse in Minnesota and around the county. Kallemeyn & Kallemeyn offers divorce mediation services to those in the Coon Rapids, MN area. Read Full Post