Real Estate Lawyer

Minnesota Real Estate Law SpecialistOwning real estate has its ups and downs. While owning property can be a great investment, it can also cause stress and headaches. From the purchase of a home to the selling of a residence, there is a lot of legal documentation to sign off on that may be over your head. Instead of blindly signing on the dotted line, team up with a real estate lawyer that truly knows the language and the laws.
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Real Estate Attorney

Real estate transactions are not an easy task. Leasing, purchasing or selling a residential or commercial property usually comes with a thirty page document that requires way too many signatures! This is one of the times in your life where you truly want to understand what you are signing off on. With the purchase of your home or office building being one of the biggest investments of your lifetime, it is very important that you know what you are getting yourself into! No matter what type of real estate transaction you are going through, the lawyers at Kallemeyn & Kallemeyn, PLLC are here to assist you every step of the way.Read More →

Mechanics Lien Attorney Minneapolis MN

Minnesota Mechanic’s Lien law offers protections for persons who furnish work or materials for work on your property. This law is set up to ensure that a Licensed Contractor or Subcontractor is paid for services and materials rendered. There are procedures that must be followed in order for a Mechanic’s Lien Claim to be valid and enforceable. Kallemeyn & Kallemeyn can provide expert help if you need assistance with filing a lien claim. We understand all of the requirements that must be met when preparing a Mechanic’s Lien Claim Filing in Minneapolis, MN.Read Full Post

Mortgage Foreclosure Attorney MN

With the downfall of our economy over the last decade, times have been tough for Americans across the country. For the people who have lost their jobs during this time, it has become especially difficult. The main reason is because all of the bills keep coming each month, no matter what situation you are in. For many, the biggest investment you make in life is the purchase of a home.Read Full Post

Real Estate Lawyer Minneapolis MN

real-estate-lawyer-MNHandling the purchase, sale or lease of a property requires a great understanding of the legal agreement that you are entering into. Each transaction can involve lengthy documents that spell out all of the fine details. You can enter into such an agreement having peace of mind when you are aided by a Licensed Minnesota Attorney who has experience with the intricacies of Minnesota Real Estate Law.